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MOBILE - MURO is the mobile solution. This means that it can be used at various locations. All that is needed is vehicle to pull the trailer to the location of the event, a few minutes to assemble the MURO and that's it - you're ready for another quick and effective promotion, fair or other entertainment within your MURO facility.
UNIVERSAL - Do you need a catering facility? Or maybe a space for promotions? Are you looking for a solution that will be ideal for a series of concerts and other similar events? Your MURO can be all this and more. It will adapt itself to all your needs and fulfill any role required.
RE-ASSEMBLY - Seemingly, it is an ordinary trailer. But after only 5 minutes it can become a large facility that meets all your wishes and requirements. With 50 square meters of covered area you get over 200 square meters of potential advertising space that can be decorated according to your wishes.